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Prioritize Vaccine Distribution, Community Resources, Proactive Outreach and Interventions

Jvion goes beyond traditional predictive analytics, identifying hidden patient risk, assessing if that risk trajectory can be changed, and making intervention recommendations towards a positive outcome.

Jvion’s COVID Response suite connects communities to services, surfaces vulnerable patients for proactive engagement, and informs decisions to maximize critical but limited resources.

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      This map displays COVID Vaccine Prioritization for communities as well as their Community Vulnerability. The COVID Vaccine Prioritization shows those communities that should be prioritized for vaccine distribution based on CDC guidance and community vulnerability. The COVID Vulnerability is based on the likelihood the individuals will experience severe outcomes if infected with COVID. Both insights identify the socioeconomic factors driving the risk.

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      The information provided is the result of the internal analysis of 30 million de-identified patient records from within the Jvion AI CORE. Results were modeled on respiratory viruses with features and symptoms similar to COVID as well as CDC vaccination prioritization guidelines as listed here.

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      Jvion’s COVID Response Suite Helps Payer, Providers and Public Health Agencies Navigate Community Vulnerability with Clinical AI

      Impact Story: Jvion Helps Student Volunteers Impact Local Community During COVID-19

      Students from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) aimed to help mitigate the COVID crisis in their community. Their COVID Community Vulnerability Project was an ongoing effort to leverage artificial intelligence to help identify the most vulnerable and at-risk patients across South Carolina so they could perform educational interventions. The Jvion COVID Community Vulnerability Map identifies the populations at risk for suffering a severe course of illness if infected with the coronavirus. The students from MUSC used the map to ensure those vulnerable communities were aware of MUSC resources in the event they felt unwell or needed support. The students leveraged Jvion’s COVID map to identify, down to the US Census block group level, those communities most at risk for severe coronavirus outcomes based on a wide variety of variables including socioeconomic factors such as food bank access as well as historical outcomes such as previous disease impact. Armed with this information, the students have been able to reach out and support the most vulnerable populations within their local community.